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IE, like many of history's explorers, continues to rape and pillage...

IE! I hate IE! Any respectable web-browser would fully support contemporary w3c standards, but not IE 6 (I doubt IE 7 does, either). CSS, for all its excessively verbose characteristics, has some truly wonderful features but IE simply doesn't implement them all! Things that help to make a style dynamic, hence just that little bit more compatible, aren't implemented.

Thankfully Microshaft had the good grace to provide a work-around. Yes, they let us use javascript in the middle of a style sheet! How nice of them. :scowl: "Sorry we're not standards compliant, but you can use some extra javascript! What's that? Oh, no, w3c won't certify your CSS if you do that. Tough cookies, eh?"

Okay, maybe I'm being slightly unfair? I mean, they do give us yet another workaround... conditional comments. The trouble is though that, once you've incorporated the extra JS and CCs you've added needless bytes to your code files! Admittedly not often a big deal with the propensity of broadband these days, but I believe in optimisation!
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Thanks to a friend for posting this on theirs

"If you haven't heard by now LJ is automatically enrolling you in a datamining project. To opt out of this invasion of privacy go here &follow the 2-step instructions."


If not, go to your Admin console and paste in "set opt_exclude_stats 1" without the quotation marks. That will opt you out of the mining. Otherwise you're automatically in.

README! To all those I rarely talk to

I want to tell you something and I hope that you will all understand.

If I haven't spoken to you for a while, it's nothing you did. None of you have annoyed, upset or offended me.

I've just been hiding.

I still am.

You all probably know I'm terrified of the world. What you may not know, what I only just realised, is that I couldn't cope with the number of people who seemed to like me.

It frightens me, because for most of my life I had NO ONE.

It's not that I don't want to talk to you, any of you.

Even in those times when I am hiding, when I am not actively seeking communication, I'm always hoping you'll contact me. Any of you.

It's a self imposed loneliness. I think I brought this on myself because it was my familiar state of being.

I'm not ready to stop hiding yet, but I wanted you to understand.

I'd appreciate it if someone came looking for me online, email even. Hell, if you have my phone number, ring! Although I rarely pick up the phone unless I expect a call.

I miss you all.
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Well, been a while hasn't it? Let's see...

I'm still a bit loopy, but getting better and... well... still not really keen to think too much about what to say about it. Those thoughts are rather damaged and reserved for certain people.

I've written a couple of YouTube scripts, one piece currently in production. Early stages, trying to build a model. Actually the first steps of that have been difficult and fun! It's involved a wire coat-hanger, a cheap candle stick and some soldering.

Painting is nice. I have some good paints now and three really good brushes! (Loads of cheap ones.) Got a rigger just today. I have some really good paint, too, mostly middle range and I just got some nice acrylic retardant to use with the rigger.

Um. I'm not sure what to tell you all... feel free to ask me anything in comments or whatever.

Still engaged and happy :D

OH! I dug a pond at Smee's house... in the garden, not in the house. It's 700 litres or thereabouts :)

Apart from that...

I don't expect much response here, but it looks like it could be fun.

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